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What do I teach?

Dr. Julie Jackson Hemker teaches:

Basic Skills


  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing/Composition

  • College Admissions Essays

  • Business Communication

  • AP English/History

Core Student Competencies

  • Time Management 

  • Organizational Skills

  • Strategies to Master Test Anxiety

  • Presentation skills

Advanced Courses

  • Document- based Questions

  • Business communication

  • College advising

She is also highly trained in delivering on-line education in an effective manner that makes students engage.

 She has taught literature, writing, and critical thinking at the following universities:

  • UC San Diego

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • UC Berkeley

  • UC Davis

  • The University of San Francisco


Her tutoring clients have also benefited from college counseling services they have received.  Several have gone on to pursue Ph.D.’s in the sciences, in Chemistry and Cell Biology. Her clients have been admitted into Swarthmore, Williams, Carnegie Mellon, Cal Poly, and UC Santa Cruz.

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High schools prepare students for college.  But students do not want to read books that are "too hard." Or written in "old English," any diction that is not contemporary, with long sentences, like a novel.  

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Universities heavily weight AP classes because they test college-level interpretive skills, like assessing evidence and making an argument.  The issue is that high school teachers often do not have advanced training in history or textual analysis. 

Dr. Hemker has extensive experience teaching students how to be successful in AP classes and beyond.

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Although the SAT is gradually disappearing, some colleges still think that the test indicates intellectual readiness for college

At the very least, it's important to be able to read the passages, because they represent college level mastery.

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In the rigorous and highly competitive climate of education today, being prepared to stand out from the crowd of applicants is essential. Writing a compelling college entrance essay is imperative. With the SAT waning importance, a student's profile must be more competitive and individualized than ever before.  Dr. Hemker helps students discover and speak with their own voice. 

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These are reviews from the high scorers (SAT):

"Dr. Hemker has been a great positive influence on my test-taking strategy and approach.  In three weeks, I have improved my score almost 90 points!"

"Dr. Hemker has truly demonstrated the qualities of a great teacher. She assesses the specific needs of her class and teaches accordingly."

From the mother of a current high school student:

"It was so good to see a "B" on his recent progress report.  Up from a C- in the last one.  That's tremendous improvement in a short amount of time.  Thank you.


"I have truly enjoyed my experience with her class, as she is open and willing to address any questions I may have." 

Student testimonial

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