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 Hi there, I'm Julie.

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I love helping people understand and communicate ideas.  I listen to students' concerns and structure the lessons accordingly.  In this increasingly anxious educational world, it's important to provide a steady, calm focus in which students can learn.

I started this company in order to provide premier educational services to all levels of student. 


Teaching Goals

  • Listen, answer, explain

  • Cultivate student confidence

  • Support students' hope in their progress

  • Provide steadiness in an uncertain educational environment

Dr. Hemker has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley. She has taught courses at Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and the University of San Francisco.

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Bachelor's Degree in Latin and English Literature

U.C. Santa Cruz

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature

U.C. Berkeley


  • Italian

  • Greek

  • Latin

  • Spanish

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